Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I am soooo sorry, I left for some time to experience the world and I am back in town. It changed so f****n much! It is beautiful, I recommend you all to come to Buenos Aires to paint our walls and create art over here, so many things to do, and this town is so big! Be welcome!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

COSMIC . intervention

HOLLYWOOD IN CAMBODIA: PostStreetBar, Buenos Aires. A house that runs like a bar and a street art atelier, all the walls completely filled with stencil, graffiti, stickers, murals, great compositions, that constantly change giving space to new interventions. Some Artists: Blu (Italia) - Bs.As.Stencil - Chu - Cucusita - Fase: Tec, Lindo Killer y Pedro - The Leaves de Life aquatic (Dinamarca) - Makinola de Black Neck (Colombia) - Nazza Stencil - Pum Pum - Run Dont Walk - Sonni - Viktoryranma . ////////// .
THE GRAFFITI PROYECT: at Kelburn Castle in Glasgow, Scotland. A castle completely dressed in street-art . ////////// .
CAFE ZAPATA in Berlin, Germany. A building that runs like a big hostel for artists, it has free internet, atelier, several bars, art in every wall, from the inside and outside, has an artificial beach with letter seats, with bus seats, wheel puffs, caravan cafe, monster inc, neon light, etc . ////////// .

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

MURALS . or heaven doors

Traces of the french artist Louis "Grolou" Villa Crespo or Palermo Queens . Castillo and Fitz Roy St Back to the Future // Colegiales . Céspedes and Charlone Murga // Villa Ortuzar . Charlone and Heredia St Palermo . Pasaje Santa Rosa San Telmo . Chile St one of the creations of the young street-artist Maximiliano Murad . love . flúo . dreamlike . // Colegiales . Teodoro García St.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Friday, 28 December 2007

GRAFFITI . it's evolution, baby!

Welcome to the Poetic Cosmos!! BA's rebirth and a new path for StreetArtists... view the graffiti poetry Palermo Soho and a beautiful work! In my opinion it's the best so far (the best i've seen) from this artist. Has a very interesting level of abstraction. Fitz Roy + Castillo . Pos-government blancking .